For 24 years the School of Fine Arts in Offenburg successfully offers to young people interested in artistic occupations an unique orientation and prep-year: 'Interim course of study and orientation year in Fine Arts'.
course of study 2024/2025
October 14th 2024 - July 11th 2025
The fine arts interim course of study and orientation year opens up an innovative type and compilation of art and design-related learning objectives for young people from 18 years onwards. The lessons concentrate on the following domains: painting, graphic art, sculpture, plastic art, constructive art, photography and video working.

The Minor fields of study Tai Chi, Aikido, percussion, dance and mode of expressing movements back up the Major with contents that develop important basic principals. These initiate creativity as, for example, advancement of elementary structures of perception, development of mental and physical show of force, strengthening of concentration, encouraging strength of purpose or acting with confidence in general.

As a compressed course of study we offer the necessary temporal and structural basis to acquire professional prerequisites as well as learning and deepening skills in craft. Expert knowledge and the intensity of daily lessons produce new ideas which may garner interest for ones personal advancement.

An own workplace in one of our art studios developes originality and freelance work of each single participant.
Additional practice oriented training – for example, time and individual management, communication training - or daily routine topics (eg. teamwork) complement the Major and Minor with interesting exercises and learning patterns. Study trips to museums and exhibitions in the local area cultivate examination of aspects between art and cultural history as well as contemporary art. Lectures impart knowledge and establish personal contacts to philosophical and social settings.

In order to broaden each student’s personal horizon, particular opportunities are offered - for example attending international contemporary stagecraft in Strasbourg / France or participation in projects. Public art lectures are offered, free of charge, at the Offenburg School of Arts, as well as further carefully selected agenda highlights.

The orientation year’s concept takes into account a great number of vocational training and occupational fields which are permanently subject to change. Extensive requirements as to freelance work, creativity and personal capability for innovation are influenced by these changes. Each student aims to have or to develop more flexibility, self-discipline as well as the quality of deciding or being proactive. In this day and age, there is a basic necessity for teamwork and the ability work in task forces.

To cope positively with these demands, wide-ranging interpersonal skills have to be acquired.

On the one hand, interpersonal skills require direct practical experience in art during the course of study. On the other hand, they are based on purposeful education and learning environment presented by the teaching staff. However, each interpersonal skill are mainly acquired by tangible and concrete exercises within project work.

The fine arts course of study and orientation year is focussed on acquiring practical basic skills and techniques in the fields of painting, graphics, sculpture, photography and video. Individual works of craftsmanship are prepared for portfolios for job applications in the student’s desired field of artistic work later on.
Teaching is done by qualified and experienced teaching staff, every week from Monday till Thursday. Friday serves as personal study day.

In addition to the weekly instruction there will be workshops with guest lecturers in subjects such as performance, dance, graphic arts and prints, or a week-end seminar ‘design-crash-course’.

A study trip of max. 6 days or alternatively 2-3 day excursions, attendance at talks on art, philosophy and art history enhances the course offerings. Furthermore, students can participate, free of charge or at a considerable discount, any other courses offered by the School of Arts in Offenburg.

The personal workplace, which is freely available to each participant outside of class times, plays an important role. A large community studio is located in the Villa Bauer, near the city center. It can be used freely by the participants in the preliminary study at any time and is an inspiring place where visual works and studies are created. As part of the free studio time, individual meetings are also embedded, which offer space for discussions on the work in process (e.g. for an application portfolio), on questions about art or other topics in the phase of personal orientation.

In the first half of the orientation year, excursions are planned to six training schools in the fields of art, design, fashion and creative art education. As far as photography is concerned, we offer a photo studio and laboratory for black/white photos and digital image processing for photos or videos.

An additional component - with a view to a future profession - is a two-week block internship. It is completed in a self-chosen institution in the fields of graphic design, advertising, galleries, cultural administration, free art, museum, art education or in another field of interest. Alternatively, a personal project can also be pursued during this period. This personal decision will be discussed by the art school.

A photo studio and workstations for digital image processing (photo/video) are available for photography. A darkroom for analogue photography is also available.

The successful conclusion of the orientation year is achieved by processing and creating an object of art or project which is shown during a public exhibition.

Graduates of the orientation year receive a certificate. This gives you the opportunity to complete the “art school internship” at the art school Offenburg as a one to two-year course or part-time course, which e.g. enables you to work as a lecturer.

Week-at-a-glance | October 14th 2024 - July 11th 2025
8.30 - 9.30 10.00 - 14.00 from 14.00 til evening
Mon Taijiquan
Freelance work art studio
Tue Taijiquan
Graphics / Design
Individual advice
Freelance work art studio
Thu Percussion and rhythm experience
Sculpture and objects
Freelance work art studio
Wed Dance and Yoga
Photography and video
Freelance work art studio
Fri Study day
Freelance work art studio
In addition ...
> Workshop Performance Art
1 week with guest lecturer
> Workshop printing and graphics
> Communication training compact course
> Weekly freelance work (on Fridays)
> Vocational training 2 weeks
> Study trip 6 days
> Excursions to training schools (graduate school, academies, vocational school), galleries, artists and museums in the local area
> Dance and Expression in movement
various day workshops
> as well as
  • Lecture and talks at free choice
  • Free projects
  • Art history talks
  • Subscription "Kulturbus" – Contemporary stage arts at the Théâtre Le Maillon, Strasbourg
  • Attendance in further courses or projects
  • Individual advice
  • Workshop "Zeichencrash"
In the immediate vicinity of the art school, on the grounds of the Kulturforum Offenburg, there is also a large music school. Participants from abroad have the opportunity to learn German at the "Institute for German Language" or to improve their language skills - up to the point of being able to take an examination at a German university.

For participants from outside, we can offer accommodation in our shared 6-room students apartment, available to rent for the duration of the course of study. If you would like to rent one of the rooms, early registration is recommended, as the number of inquiries usually exceeds the number of rooms available.

The pre-studies/orientation year of the Art School Offenburg is offered successfully for young people from all over Germany and neighbouring countries since 1999 and continuously modified. Our concept is permanently being optimized so that it continues to be up-to-date and ready for new challenges.
Teaching Staff
Christine Bänninger (Zürich, CH)
Freie Künstlerin, Performerin, Zürich, Studium der Bildenden Kunst an der Gestaltungsschule Material und Form in Luzern, Performance bei Monika Günther und Ruedi Schill
Peti Wiskemann (Zürich, CH)
Freier Künstler, Illustrator, Dozent, vierjährige Ausbildung zum Grafiker in Zürich

Marie Dréa (Barr, F)
Freie Künstlerin, Studium der der Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart
Simon Ketteniss (Ortenau)
Kommunikationsdesigner, Studium an der Akademie der Bildende Künste in Stuttgart

Dr. Julia Kleinbeck (Karlsruhe)
Freie Künstlerin und Kunstwissenschaftlerin, Studium der Kunstgeschichte an der Universität Karlsruhe und der Kunstwissenschaften an der Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe

Cristina Ohlmer (Freiburg)
Freie Künstlerin, Studium an der Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart; Reinhold Schneider Kunstpreistträgerin 2022 der Stadt Freiburg

Zaid Ghasib (Offenburg)
Freier Medienkünstler, Studium der Architektur in Amman (Jordanien), Mediendesign und Produktion an der Hochschule Offenburg

Tanja Truöl (Riegel am Kaiserstuhl)
Freie Fotografin, Meisterprüfung für Fotografie, Focon Berlin

Stephan Hasslinger (Freiburg)
Freischaffender Künstler, Steinbildhauer, Studium an der Hochschule für Kunst Bremen, an der HDK Berlin und am Royal College of Art, London

Gudrun Kern (Ortenau)
Freie Künstlerin, Studium der Architektur an der University of Westminster, London

Dr. Simon Moser (Offenburg)
Freier Kulturmanager und -berater, Studium der Musikwissenschaft, Kunstgeschichte, Publizistik und Kommunikations­wissenschaften an der Georg August Univ. Göttingen

Rica Lata Matthes (Freiburg)
Freischaffende Tänzerin, Ausbildung zur Bühnentänzerin in Hamburg und Freiburg
Hans-Günther Saemann (Ortenau)
Lehrer für Taijiquan, Lehrbefähigung des deutschen Dachverbandes für Taijiquan und Qi Gong

Jens Reichert (Freiburg)
Freier Künstler, Künstlerischer Leiter der Edith Maryon Kunstschule Freiburg, Studium der Bildhauerei an der Alanus Hochschule Alfter
Maria Cristina Tangorra (Lahr)
Freie Künstlerin, Studium der Architektur in Mailand und Rom, Freie Kunst an der Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera

Heinz Treiber (Ettenheimmünster)
Freier Künstler, Studium an der Kunst- und Werkschule Pforzheim und an der Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart

Kristina Köpp (Offenburg)
Bereichsleiterin Jugendkunstschule und Vorstudium, Studium der Bildhauerei an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe
Michael Witte (Ortenau)
Fachlicher Leiter der Kunstschule, Studium der Kunstpädagogik an der Kunsthochschule Mainz und an der Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ. München

The Offenburg Art School was founded in 1987. It is an educational institution recognized by the federal state of Baden-Württemberg and organized in the state association of art schools in Baden-Württemberg. Through the VHS Offenburg e.V., it is also recognized as an adult education institution.

Generally, 90% of all participants leaving our school after the prep year, were able to become registered in their field of interest within an academy of arts, college of education, studio of arts and crafts or an apprenticeship training position. It is a good chance, to clarify, whether the intended career can be found in Fine Arts or if it’s another vocational field the student should tackle.

Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions:
The course is structured into 30 school weeks with approximately 900 teaching units. In addition, there will be freelance work and practical training. During holiday time in the state of Baden-Württemberg and during public holidays there won’t be any lessons. All participants will receive a detailed annual lesson plan at the start of studies.
The monthly attendance fee is Euro 350,- and must be paid by direct debit at midmonth (15th of each month) for 10 months from October until July. Included in the fee are all standard materials (except painting or graphic paper) and about 25 hrs. of model acting (nude, figure, portrait). Entrance fees for museums or visits by professional artists, lectures, excursions within the local area are also covered by the attendance fee.
A workplace within an art studio is available for each student daily until 22 hrs (or longer upon agreement). Work places for digital image processing (photos, videos), one internet access, photo laboratory and studio can be used free of charge unless needed by the staff for other teaching purposes.
Further to the monthly fee, there will be an additional fee – around Euro 95,- - for the yearly required paper supply (various paper sizes and qualities for fine art work) and costs for the basic equipment of an individual tool box which will be handed out to each student at the beginning of studies. The tool box can alternatively be equipped with the student’s tools and materials if the quality complies with the standards required. A complete tool box has a value of about Euro 230,-. The exact price will be decided for each student and debited together with the second monthly fee.
Supplementary expenses could arise during the orientation year due to a study trip or day trips and for supplementary* expenditures for materials, tools or production costs. (*These expenses may occur because of individual freelance work in the art studio or in creating the personal final project, or for special materials desired by the student which are not included in the standard equipment.)
The interim course of study and orientation year is accredited as career training by the State Employment Centre. Students therefore can apply for family benefits. BAFÖG support is not available at this time.
Maximum number of participants is limited to 25 students in order to give consideration to the school of art educational objectives.

Minimum age must be 18, maximum age 26. Please submit a brief written job application and motivation letter as well as CV. Upon receipt of the application and internal discussion, the board of directors will ask for a portfolio containing an overview of the student’s interest in arts and his/her tendencies. It is understood, that interests or tendencies have not been substantially developed at this early stage – mainly in creative/artistic skills in fine art, in theatre or writing. After a personal interview, the board of directors will then proceed to hand out the registration contract that must be duly signed and returned. The acknowledgement of receipt of the registration contract is mutually binding. If necessary, the Offenburg School of Arts can help to find appropriate accommodations.

Application portfolios for the interim course of study may be submitted to the secretary’s office as of February 5, 2024.

For individual advisory service or information, please contact: Mrs Kristina Köpp
E-Mail: | Tel.: 0781 9364-335